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raw talent3Dont forget Raw Talent 3 2nd March at East Ham Working Mens club. We are looking for fighters from other gyms to match on this show. The show will be N Class, C Class and B Class fights.

Email kris@ko-muaythai.com to match your fighters.

Tickets will be available at reception within the next few days. Get your ticket soon before this event sells out.

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Cage Warriors 64 - 15th Feb http://www.ko-mma.co.uk/news/45-cage-warriors-64-15th-feb.html http://www.ko-mma.co.uk/news/45-cage-warriors-64-15th-feb.html

cage warriors64Amanda Kelly will fight at Cage Warriors 64  February 15th. She will be fighting Laura Howarth. Both ladies are unbeaten and will be fighting on the main event.

Tickets available at reception.

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Amanda Kelly wins at Cage Warriors http://www.ko-mma.co.uk/news/44-amanda-kelly-wins-a-cage-warriors.html http://www.ko-mma.co.uk/news/44-amanda-kelly-wins-a-cage-warriors.html

amanda win cage

It was a quick nights work for Amanda Kelly at Cage Warriors destroying her opponent with a masterclass in stand-up Muay Thai. Throwing a barage of elbows and knee strikes against her Jiu Jistsu expert opponent, finishing it with a knee to head. Theo was unlucky in his bout getting a near knockdown before his opponent recovered to get Theo out with a rear naked choke. Next time Theo!

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Theo and Amanda - Cage Warriors http://www.ko-mma.co.uk/news/43-theo-and-amanda-cage-warriors.html http://www.ko-mma.co.uk/news/43-theo-and-amanda-cage-warriors.html


Good luck to Amanda and Theo fighting at the Forum Kentish Town Saturday 5th October on the Cage Warriors promotion. This is Amanda's first MMA bout, already a 2 times World Muay Thai Champion. theo fights for the sixth time against a tough opponent. Tickets available at reception.

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BJJ Gi new classes, new coach http://www.ko-mma.co.uk/news/42-bjj-gi-new-classes-new-coach.html http://www.ko-mma.co.uk/news/42-bjj-gi-new-classes-new-coach.html

Exciting news at KO MMA. We have brand new BJJ claasses running now ably coached by Rafael. You can find our new classes on our timetable.

We welcome Rafael to our team and look forward to doing well in the various Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions up and down the country.


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Theo wins at the Troxy UCMMA http://www.ko-mma.co.uk/news/41-theo-fighting-at-the-troxy-3rd-august.html http://www.ko-mma.co.uk/news/41-theo-fighting-at-the-troxy-3rd-august.html


Theo Michailidis won by TKO at the Troxy 3rd of August. He dominated from the first bell wearing down his opponent and easily getting the TKO when his opponents corner threw in the towel. Well done Theo.

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Simona wins in the US http://www.ko-mma.co.uk/news/40-simona-wins-in-the-us.html http://www.ko-mma.co.uk/news/40-simona-wins-in-the-us.html

sim invicta

Simona beats Cassie Rodish at the Invicta Championships in Kansas USA by submission using a standing guillotine technique. This was an amazing win for Simona and propels her into the big time in womens mma. Well done Simona.

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Simona vs Rodish - April 5th http://www.ko-mma.co.uk/news/39-simona-vs-rodish-april-5th.html http://www.ko-mma.co.uk/news/39-simona-vs-rodish-april-5th.html


Simona will be fighting 5th April 2013 against Rodish at the Invicta show. Good luck to Simona on her latest pro MMA fight.

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Mike Van Arnsdale Seminar http://www.ko-mma.co.uk/news/38-mike-van-arnsdale-seminar.html http://www.ko-mma.co.uk/news/38-mike-van-arnsdale-seminar.html


KO Gym are proud to host a two day seminar with top MMA coach, Mike Van Arsdale. Mike is over with fighters who are fighting at the UFC in London on Feb 16th. The Seminar will be held on Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th at 7.00 at KO Bethnal Green. They will be two hours with a Q & A session following.

For those who don't who Mike is, he was one of the first really high level wrestlers to fight in the UFC. After his fighting career he went on to become one of the best coaches in MMA today and was instrumental in the setting up of the Blackzillians with Rashad Evans.

Also with Mike and involved in the seminars will be Roberto Flamingo who is Alistair Overeem's striking coach. Pricing and availability from James at the gym.

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